Quien me creo?

The Blog

I-dentity: Posts about me. How I understand myself, how I try to grow, and how I hope to escape the capitalist focus on the “I”/self and move to a “we”/community mindset.

Chingaderas: The world can really suck. In these posts, I share with you what I learn, observe, or think about that upsets me.

Colita de Rana: Holistic healing is how this WOC resists all the crazy-making* and how I continue to remind myself that communities need to heal from multi-generational trauma. My tips and rituals that I do for myself go here. Also, I’ll share the kind acts of love that I observe/experience here para sanar las heridas.

Consejos on Law School: I’m here and part of the few that get here. If I can provide some words of advice or comfort that increase our numbers at law school, then #winning.

Quien Soy?

Una cerebrita que crecío a ser una cabrona.

I grew up in Rosemead, California – a city split by the 10 freeway, a few miles south of Pasadena, a few miles east of downtown LA, and para siempre my home. My parents both vinieron de Guadalajara, Mexico in the mid-80’s and somehow did it. I had a happy childhood but it’s more complicated than that. Details coming soon (or maybe not that soon depending on reading assignments + extracurriculars).


Das me en mi dad’s birthday.

I left Rosemead for Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa with a full-tuition, leadership scholarship from the Posse Foundation . Retrospectively, it was the right choice for me pero it’s taken me a while to get to this space. More details also coming sometime in the future.


LA + DC Posse after the Posse Graduation 2014. Pero like damn. We cute.

Ya girl made it back to California through the Executive Fellows Program in Sacramento, where I finally got a behind-the-scenes look at how California’s run. Sin falta, it was also a worthwhile / complicated experience.

Now, aquí estoy, at Stanford Law School. Finalmente se me fue el mareo pero I still need a space to process this world. This will be my space. In time, this “About me” will be the least productive way to get to know me.


I look at this to remind myself that I really am here.

P.S. Why Cere-brona? Because growing up, me gustaba leer y me creía bien smart so people would call me “cerebrita” aka “little brain.” It was used both affectionately and mockingly. Well, I’m still a “cerebrita,” except I’ve also grown up to be a cabrona so I guess that makes me a “cere-brona.”

*Thank you to Locatora Radio for introducing me to this term and inspiring me to create this blog.